Life changing results.


Testimonials from my clients.

It has been such a liberating experience for me. After the session, I felt so empowered, so ALIVE, so being fully present and grounded in myself and in who I really am. Intuitively feeling what my gifts and talents and major challenges and “lessons” to learn are, I used to have so much self-doubt and resistance to fully embrace, accept and make sense of it all. Andrea, with the powerful tool of Numerology and with her natural gift of intuitive knowledge, helped me bring all these scattered pieces of the “puzzle” into one beautiful Vision of my Life Path and my Life Purpose. Based on my personal Numerology blueprint, Andrea helped me to see that all parts of me make perfect sense, and she provided so deep, yet so easy-to-grasp, insights and steps on how to put to better use – in career, relationships and personal development – the gifts I have been given, and how to deal with the conflicting traits of my personality. In a very clear, practical  way Andrea showed me how to appreciate and to be loving and non-judgemental towards  all the parts of myself and all the experiences I have had in life so far. It put all the contradictions I have been struggling with in a totally new – and totally illuminating – perspective. Andrea’s heart-centered, warm, yet super practical approach throughout the whole session absolutely melted my heart and filled my soul with peace, gratitude, and purpose. I feel so blessed to have been guided to Andrea for this knowledge which is truly empowering.

Anna Kochenkova

I just finished a powerful call with Andrea Mai.  I have been curious about Andrea’s programs for some time now, after hearing some amazing stories about how her numerology readings have helped others.  I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  Finally I had some time to connect and sign up for one of her programs (thank you to the Universe for making this connection). From the moment the call started, Andrea’s upbeat and friendly attitude captured me!  I was amazed at the information Andrea had to share.  I’m now so intrigued to learn more and sign up for another session!  Andrea’s confidence and knowledge was enlightening and her explanation of the chart was easy to understand.  I would highly recommend signing up for  a session with Andrea!  It was a wonderful experience and our call today left me motivated and inspired to move towards my life purpose!


I found Andrea’s Life Purpose Report to be super helpful at this time of my life. As someone with a 7 life path, I do indeed feel like I have one foot on Earth and one foot in another world. Her practical tips on how to stay grounded and not dwell too much in my head are much appreciated. My best takeaway from this report was the affirmation “I am the expert on what is best for my life.” For a long time, I had given this power away to others. Now is the time to embrace my truth and speak from the heart. Thank you Andrea for confirming what my intuition has been telling me all along! P.S. – I share the same life path number as my partner and it was very insightful in explaining the dynamics in our relationship! I encourage you to learn the life path numbers of those you love so you can understand them better and improve your connection with them as well!

Becca Mok

This made me understand more thoroughly about who I really am. Especially your interpretation for my life path, spiritual calling and personality. It surprised me. In fact your Numerology reading coincides with a spiritual reading that I experience three years ago. Now I am fully convinced that we are all born in this world for a life purpose that’s unique for everyone to explore.

Mean Ho

I felt enlightened and reassured about the path that I was taking in business and life.  It became clear to me why I think and feel the way that I do which has given me further self-confidence and less self-doubts. I felt that you knew your subject well and really seemed enthused and excited by it.  I think your Numerology service is very helpful for people that are unsure of or have doubts about their life purpose. You really help to bring clarity around different personality traits and why we behave the way we do.

Nicola Ihenacho

I had a Numerology reading with Andrea and I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was curious.  I have always been interested in numbers, but little did I know how precise the information would be.  Andrea is highly intuitive and she helped me to understand myself on a deeper level.  Much of what she had to share underlined what I already knew about myself, however she was able to explain that some of my numbers were in conflict with each other and how I could best move forward.  Andrea definitely has a gift for this work and I am happy that I took the plunge and had an amazing reading with her.  Thanks Andrea!!!

Alisa Auger

Having studied Numerology years ago, and with experience in other people’s numerological readings in my life, I was very curious, and a bit sceptical, to see if you had any new insights or interpretations to share with me in my numerological reading last week. I have to say, I was blown away by the depth of your understanding of numbers. I could feel the passion, power and love you have for them. You not only GET the numbers, but you’re able to convey how they can be applied in real and practical terms and examples, making the reading useful and empowering. Thanks to your reading I have more joy and compassion for my quirks and inconsistencies. I also feel a deeper sense of purpose and affirmation on my chosen path. I am clearly on the right track and appreciate the confirmation. Your knowledge of the numbers along with your skills as a life coach is a winning combination. Thank you, Andrea, for your gifts. I feel blessed.

Erica Ross

You made so many things that have happened in my life or happening at this very moment that much clearer for me. I’m SO happy to know that what i want to do follows what my life purpose is as well. So forever grateful for this clarity. You are truly amazing, felt like i was talking with a girlfriend i have known for years. I’m still on a high from today’s discussion. Andrea can help you with a lot of clarity if you are feeling that fear! xoxo

My Linh Moeed

Working with Andrea is a bit like getting to open unexpected gifts you never knew you had. In my reading, she took me through all my numbers and the meanings behind them in a very clear yet insightful way. Her findings helped me see that I’ve been resisting a few of my own natural gifts (namely, to step into more of a leadership role, something I have never fully embraced but feel called to do) and helped me reframe some old issues with a combination of practical advice and warm encouragement. The follow-up half hour was also an unusual and valuable bonus since I was so blown away by how precisely she nailed my personality and purpose that I really appreciated the extra time to think of questions that eluded me during our reading. What gifts will you uncover? Get a reading from Andrea and I’m sure all kinds of intriguing pleasant surprises will be revealed to you.

Nadine Prada

I recently received an amazing astrology and numerology reading with Andrea and, I have to say, it was life changing!  Andrea identified what the important elements were to create a successful life and career in my life.  She was very insightful and I was able to ask her lots of questions where she was happy to go really in depth into the answers.  When I implemented her advice, I quickly expanded the number of clients I was serving in my career mentoring practice and met 75% of my monthly revenue goal in just one week!  Wow!  Need I say more

Connie Livingston

On a recent business trip to Los Angeles with Andrea, I had an anxiety attack. I experienced anxiety attacks occasionally, and due to the environment of the trip, I happened to have one that related to me not truly knowing if I was supposed to be giving nutrition advice for the rest of my career. Andrea sat with me and read my numbers. I explained that I had a jewelry business on the side that I had a dream of growing but also loved being a nutritionist. With the numbers, and her attuned intuition she communicated with me exactly what I needed to hear about both businesses, and my anxiety attacks in general (which also had a component of fear of my health status). She brought to light and confirmed hidden qualities in myself that I didn’t realize were there but had experienced in the past. By realizing these things about myself, I was able to immediately change my perspective and head in a new direction. Since that moment, I have used what she has said multiple times. I am confident in the direction I’m going.

Laura Licata

WOW. I had a numerology session with Andrea that still has me on a high. She is articulate, insightful and intuitive. I appreciated her actionable steps delivered with a Joie de Vivre peppered with her twinkle of humour. I know I am on the right biz path for me and am so grateful for our connection today! Book your session now!

Allyson Reid