love breakthroughs. I live for them. The moment that I can help my clients to see themselves in a new light, this is the tipping point that propels them towards the life they’ve been longing for. My mission is to be your personal change agent.

I use Numerology as a tool to get to know you quickly. When I give readings, people say that it’s like I’m inside their head! The benefit of this is that I get to understand you, I know what holds you back, so we can get right to the point in finding you a solution.

I truly believe that you are the expert on you. You have all the answers you need, but maybe you need someone to help you sort them out. You see, you’re so busy being you, it is hard to see yourself properly. I help you by holding up a proverbial mirror so that you can see yourself in a unbiased, non-judgemental way.

They say that knowledge is power. Knowledge about yourself is powerful stuff. It empowers you to be in control of your inner world. After all, your inner world is the only thing you really have full control over. Everything else is left up to the will of others.

I believe that the key to making better life decisions is to become self-aware. This awareness allows for a more loving and accepting attitude towards one’s self, thus building confidence and inner strength.


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